Business and Employer Services Professional

The Business and Employer Services Professional (BESP) course is a self-directed learning program available completely online.  The core competencies closely reflect competencies promoted by the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals (NAWDP) and other organizations serving workforce and employment professionals across the nation. 

Background …

Because most adults learn better and retain information longer “by doing,” this course puts a heavy emphasis on active and experiential (“practical, hands-on learning”) as part of the certificate process.

Core Competencies …

The core competencies addressed in this course include:

  • Linkages and Promotion of the Workforce System
  • Business Engagement and Interaction
  • Engagement with Economic Development
  • Talent Pipeline Development

Contact Hours …

For most learners, this self-paced course will require about 40 contact hours to complete. All work is done either online or in by independent study. Completion of learning activities is validated before the course is completed.  Students will have 60 days from the start date to complete the course.

Key Benefits …

The key benefits for students completing this course include:

  • A new or more clear vision for ways to create dynamic, new employer services.
  • A strong foundation for building better relationships with constituent employers.
  • Enhanced staff confidence in their knowledge of available employer services tools and ability to use them.
  • Expanded professional development opportunities.

Practical Application …

A significant part of this program includes a structured practicum (practical application project or series of activities) designed to meet the individual student’s needs and the goals of the local organization where the student works.

The specific goals and activities of the practicum will be “negotiated” between the student and the instructor team.

The practicum enables students in the class to build on course material and practical experience in the workplace to explore new areas of learning and experience for the student.

What You Can Expect From The Course!


We cover the basics, but you also get to learn things you want to learn and need to know.


The course is self-paced and entirely online so it will fit your busy schedule.


With 40 contact hours, it’s a great way to learn and earn credit for your certifications!

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